Monthly Archives: August 2006

Gallery Update

More crap than you can shake a big stick at

Have re-done the gallery. It`s probably a bit flakey at the minute, and I need to re-categorise all the pics and ditch the really bad ones (the worse than usual rubbish ones), but it should be grand until I get some time to fix it all up.

I`ll add a little search thingie at some point in the future. There`s probably a lot to be said for being unemployed and having time to hack this stuff. Ho hum.

As usual, the erotica section of the gallery will probably get the most hits. There are some weird people out there.

Branning! Branning! Branning!

Jim`s aiming right for your ears. Embrace Jim and his musical horn.

Part 1 of the site update is almost complete. A pile of new Jim songs have been added to the music page, and a wee streaming player has been added. Most songs have been upgraded to glorious slightly-better quality sound too. Before you listen, it might be worth picking up a few boxes of Kleenex, because this stuff is gonna blow your mind. Maybe.

Jim`s been too lazy to transcribe some of these lovely tunes wot he wroted and were stolen by the bastard stars of today`s hit parade, but promises he will add them later on.

Part 2 of the update will be a new gallery thing, which should look a bit less pants, but I wouldn`t recommend nipping down to William Hill and putting a fiver on it just yet.