Monthly Archives: August 2006

Branning! Branning! Branning!

Jim`s aiming right for your ears. Embrace Jim and his musical horn.

Part 1 of the site update is almost complete. A pile of new Jim songs have been added to the music page, and a wee streaming player has been added. Most songs have been upgraded to glorious slightly-better quality sound too. Before you listen, it might be worth picking up a few boxes of Kleenex, because this stuff is gonna blow your mind. Maybe.

Jim`s been too lazy to transcribe some of these lovely tunes wot he wroted and were stolen by the bastard stars of today`s hit parade, but promises he will add them later on.

Part 2 of the update will be a new gallery thing, which should look a bit less pants, but I wouldn`t recommend nipping down to William Hill and putting a fiver on it just yet.