Monthly Archives: May 2008

Where Did The Time Go?

No updates in over a year!

Just a very quick message to say that the site is still here, just about, and will be updated as soon as there`s something new to slap online! It`s a bit like the lame days of the 1990s – I`ll get some “Under Construction” GIFs onto the pages.

So what`s been happening? Well life-wise quite a lot I guess – moved house, up to my eyes in work, and really don`t have a lot of time to do stuff. Rubbish excuse, but it`ll have to do for now. I should have some time in August to do stuff. Try to contain your excitement. I`d like to make the site look a bit less crap, but having not touched PHP in well over a year now, that`ll take a bit of time to master, and it might be worth asking someone who knows how to make a site look non-shit for advice!

On top of this, some muppet keeps sneaking onto the server (it`s shared hosting) and injecting crap into my code, so you may have seen malware warnings and pages vanish. How very professional. I checked file permissions etc. and all is OK there, so I can only assume they`ve got onto the server by exploiting something a bit higher, like cpanel. Meh! So another thingie I`ll need to do (cos I`m losing faith here in the hosting company) will be to set up something from home to check the pages, and fix `em if they get overwritten.

Anyway, feel free to love the crappy animated GIF. I couldn`t find the colour cycling rainbow horizontal line for the authentic 1990s feel.