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Lacie NetworkSpace Backup is a Waste of Space

Around September 2008 I purchased a Lacie NetworkSpace 1TB hard disk, a nice little number with built in Ethernet so it could be tucked away where the sun don`t shine and keep all my files nice and safe whilst I

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7 More Things I Don’t Like About The iPhone

Having had the iPhone for a few months now, I thought I`d add a few more peeves to the list. Reliability – I have to say the phone, or more likely the applications, make the phone pretty flakey. It`s necessary

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The Move to WordPress

Trying to get the site going again Having neglected the site for quite some time, I`ve decided to try to rip out a lot of the stuff I hacked together, in the name of using some standard tools and keeping

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Welcome To London – The Place To Be

Disgusted – simply disgusted A quick post to thank god that The Guardian has the balls to show the disgusting behaviour of London`s Metropolitan Police in London during the 2009 G20 summit. If you`ve been living in a cave for

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