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The BNP – Making Movies – What on Earth?

It`s not often I post anything remotely political, other than childish name calling of those who supposedly run the country.  However, the media would have you believe that due to the general unrest of the population of the UK over the country`s pretty awful economic situation and the MPs with their noses in the expenses trough, coupled with voter apathy, we`re likely to vote UKIP or BNP.  Superb conclusion.

Over on the YouTube, the BNP has posted a video entitled “Heroes by Billy Brit”*, a rambling 5 minute shitfest of dirge supposedly aimed at their younger audience.  The video largely consists of a football-loving puppet with ginger hair producing a line of history followed by “and s/he was white”.  An typical line would be something like the following:

“In 1963 a man called John Shoe was born.  He sold ice cream.  He was white.”  – with a little more focus on historical figures.  Not that John Shoe wasn`t an historical figure in his own right.  The kids of Monkwearmouth would go mad for his 99s.

Anyway, the BNP`s video is somewhat formulaic, pretty racist, annoying in its slow-paced-aimed-at-kids style, and overall completely shit and I personally got bored after about 2 minutes trying to guess if the subject of the historical fact would in fact be any-colour-not-white.  The video has, at the time of writing, been viewed just under 7000 times.  I`d estimate 20% of the viewers to be the kind of idiots this is aimed at, and 80% people taking a nosey.  I have no idea why they thought it might be a good idea to try to preach bollocks to kids in this manner.  Then again, maybe it`s aimed at the inteligend growed ups.

Never one to shy away from a bit of stirring, Tim Ireland of bloggerheads has teamed up with a few bloggers to produce  a – tribute, if you will, to the original “Billy Brit” video.  So, via the magick of the Internets, I present you with Tim + Co.`s BNP tribute Billy Brit – The Racist Shit.

For a little more, check out Matt Wardman`s blog.

So, a big chuckle noise to Tim + Co. – my views on freedom of speech mean that I`m glad the BNP can put a video online of their views, but I`m over the moon that people with intelligence can come along and show the BNP to be the tossers they clearly are.

*sorry – no linky goodness – if you`d like to watch, please take a gander via Matt Wardman`s blog