Bang and The Dirt is Gone

Having had what can only be described as the worst year in living memory, I`ve taken the headstaggers and ripped the website apart and squirted it all into WordPress. These facts are somehow linked, probably something to do with occupying THE BRAIN.  Having put the lot together over a few years using handrolled PHP, I couldn`t be bothered.  So I`ve managed to shoehorn the majority of the site into WordPress, which hopefully means search engines will see some more stuff and my hit rate for “donkey porn” and “dankey porno” goes down a little.  Donkey pornography made up something like the top 9 search terms to reach the site.  Shame on you, Internet weirdos.  Shame on you.

Anyway, expect some further bugs, but I should be able to update the website more often if and when I do anything new. It`s been a while, and I`ve a feeling the guitar will be popping out for an appearance. Jim`s feeling a bit rusty, and there`s a whole world of ELO out there to be recorded…  You`ve been warned.  This will be payback for a truly shitty 2009.  Jim now has at his beck and call a gorgeous 12-string semi acoustic guitar.  Let`s see how bad he can make that sound.

Over the next few days and weeks I`ll put in some redirects so links to the site aren`t so broken.  Can`t have you lot missing out on the crap ringtones and whatever else pops from your search engine.

Last, but certainly not least, The Illustrated Smiths has been moved to its own little web site, – my imagination knows no bounds – and I`ve redirected all the Smiths stuff over there.  Phase 2 will be to redesign the site to make it look nice.  I had a little feedback about the navigation, so that`ll be something to think about.

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