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Quick and Dirty Speedtouch reboot

I hate my Speedtouch ADSL router. Occasionally it`ll crumple under the weight of some large file transfers and drop the connection to the Internet. It`s a pain in the arse. However, it`s currently not the right time to buy a

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Raspberry Pi in action: our developer puts it through its paces – video | Technology |

Raspberry Pi in action: our developer puts it through its paces – video | Technology | What a nifty little device. Just needs a funky case, e.g. a 2U server. Then we can cram a 1000Mbps switch, and 30

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Blitzing Your Facebook Profile – The Easy Way

I recently wanted to delete most of my stuff from Facebook, primarily because I never know when their privacy policy will change or another security hole will be found.  I don`t put much on there, but nevertheless I don`t want

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Microsoft Mayhem

Just read. When you can be bothered. I wonder. I wonder if- for example, Microsoft stopped gobbing out such shite code, what might happen. Dream of Utopia. Dare to dream. When Microsoft can produce a licence stating that their code

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Windows Vista Blue Screen Once A Day

  Tonight I received a lovely BSOD from Windows Vista. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.0.6000. Locale ID: 2057 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: 1a BCP1: 00041287 BCP2: 00000000 BCP3: 00000000 BCP4: 00000000 OS Version: 6_0_6000

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Adventures with Virtual Box

This item was rewritten, August 2011 with the old stuff merged in. Running VirtualBox from a raw disk. The previous item.. post.. whatever, was a quick and dirty on using VirtualBox to run a Linux partition inside Windows. This is

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Woo! Windows OneCare on Sale In USA!

… don`t care, more like Class in a glass. Microsoft releases its superly duperly awaited OneCare “protection and maintenance service” shortly. Clicking through the OneCare web site to order the software, you`ll understand the type of people they hope to

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The Destructiveness of Bluetooth on a Windows XP PC

Bluetooth`s victory over graphics cards. RARRRRRRRR! The nice thing about having a PC is that you can buy software and hardware and plug it in and make it do stuff. Well that`s the theory anyway. This morning I plugged in

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Gates Goes Bonkers

Bill Gates finally tries to own the world and its wife by pissing on XML document formats Microsoft has recently been going on a patent spree, trying to patent the likes of the FAT file system, through to patent 525484

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HTML Validator for Firestoat

Nifty validation tool, but it`ll scare you Big fan of Firestoat and its extensions (plugins), and found a nice extension that displays HTML warnings/errors, and can show how well the site conforms to W3C accessibility standards. Run this sucker and

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