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Another Ubuntu install

Ubuntu Hoary Linux on new Acer Travelmate laptop

Read on some net articles (only two were in English at the time) that this would be a total disaster on the 4101LMI laptop.

Anyway, had a few problems getting it installed, mainly down to APIC*, and a second issue where the installer hung when detecting PCMCIA.

Just in case Google wants to trawl this snippet, here`s the installer config line I used:

linux hw-detect/start_pcmcia=false vga=771 noapic nolapic

I also had to remove the /etc/rc.d/pcmcia scripts after the install as the system hung during PCMCIA detection. Not fussed about this as I don`t use PCMCIA.

The processor stepping works nicely, and can be monitored with the Gnome toolbar applet thingie. I haven`t tried the wireless LAN yet, but ifconfig seems pretty happy. Top stuff, and brownie points to the Ubuntu crowd for making Hoary Hedgehog feel even nicer than Warty Warthog (which I love).

What I`m more cheesed off about is that the graphics card (Radeon X600) isn`t supported very well, so no 3D acceleration. Hopefully there`ll be a few updates in the coming weeks/months that may help things. Not looking to play games, but there are some cracking screensavers!

Oh yes – is it legal to call them laptops these days, what with the number of people burning their naughty bits? Time to buy some asbestos trousers.

* in layman`s terms, APIC helps the operating system determine what hardware gets which interrupts