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Jim To The Rescue

Oh yes. The battle against the music thieves kicks up a notch.

Jim`s back to deal a blow to the beard of Jeff Lynne, and steal the specs of the little bloke from Hot Chip.

Fear Jim.

ELO – All Over The World
ELO – Evil Woman
ELO – Xanadu
Hot Chip – Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and Over

Branning Mania!

(the real) Jim goes global

And a warm headstaggers welcome to 2007 to all you lovely people.

Hats off to the BBC. They may get paid a shitload of money via a stealth tax on anything capable of doing anything with radiowaves (some day I`ll tell you about the row I had with TV licencing because I bought a bloody standalone aerial), but by god this has made my festive season.

The real Jim Branning, actor John Bardon has been appearing on a charity show where celebrities get to strut their stuff and attempt to sing. They are then judged by some half-talented musicians, the most important of which would have to be Stewart Copeland, known as a founder member (and drummer) for The Police, and for writing the music to The Equalizer. What a cracking show that was. Robert McCall doing bugger all yet managing to beat the baddies.

Brought via YouTube leechy goodness, here is (the real) Jim Branning in all his glory. FUCK YEAH!

I could almost snuggle up to Jim, skin him, and wear him as a flesh overcoat. Mmmmmmm. Here`s Jim doing Maneater by Nelly Furtado. Truly impressive stuff.

Tina Turnip`s Simply The Best. Well she obviously ain`t – check out JIM!.. John.

… filed under site updates cos I`m lazy and don`t have a Jim section. Oops.

Hard To Beat Branning

Hard Fi Taken To The Cleaners

Now added to the Jim songs: Hard To Beat.

My PC seems to be ready to die.. so Jim may need to rest for a little while.

New Jim Songs! WAYHEY!

New songs.. with SEXY RESULTS!

Lazy Jim has been trying to keep warm in the cold UK climate, and has picked up his trusty instrument and twanged his g string for you, dear readers. Contain your excitement. Please.

In this installment, Jim brings you:

* Blackbird – nicked by The Beatles
* Last Goodbye – THIEVED by Jeff Buckley
* Oh What A Circus – stolen by David Essex – Jim`s even demonstrated his War Of The Worlds talents
* Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) – pinched by Squeeze – those naughty Tilbrook and Difford chaps
* Sweet Talkin` Woman – ELO – Jeff Lynne! SHAME ON YOU
* Take Me I`m Yours – Squeeze – nuff said.. Jim`s going round to see those two later on, with a cricket bat

Branning! Branning! Branning!

Jim`s aiming right for your ears. Embrace Jim and his musical horn.

Part 1 of the site update is almost complete. A pile of new Jim songs have been added to the music page, and a wee streaming player has been added. Most songs have been upgraded to glorious slightly-better quality sound too. Before you listen, it might be worth picking up a few boxes of Kleenex, because this stuff is gonna blow your mind. Maybe.

Jim`s been too lazy to transcribe some of these lovely tunes wot he wroted and were stolen by the bastard stars of today`s hit parade, but promises he will add them later on.

Part 2 of the update will be a new gallery thing, which should look a bit less pants, but I wouldn`t recommend nipping down to William Hill and putting a fiver on it just yet.

New JimSongs

Arctic Monkeys, Nick Drake, and Pink Floyd defeated by Jim Branning

Yes indeed! Jim`s back to do battle with those music stealing bastards wot have nicked his songs for PROFIT.

Today, Monsieur Branning brings you:

Brain Damage – stolen by Pink Floyd
Just – stolen by Radiohead
When The Sun Goes Down – stolen by Arctic Monkeys
Vatican Broadside – stolen by Half Man Half Biscuit
There There – stolen by Radiohead
The Dark Is Rising – stolen by Mercury Rev
River Man – stolen by Nick Drake
Port of Amsterdam – stolen by Jacques Brel (and Scott Walker)
Personal Jesus – stolen by Depeche Mode (and Johnny Cash)
Oxygen – stolen by Willy Mason
Dream Brother – stolen by Jeff Buckley

Always remember – if you`re stealing JimSongs, he`ll come `round your house and punch your ticket, even if you call it a winky.

New Jim!

Jim`s back, and this time he means more business than he did last time

Jim Branning, star if the silver screen, television screen, and record industry has risen like a really annoyed phoenix from the flames of indigestion and re-issued some more songs that were shamelessly stolen:

California Dreaming – The Mamas and The Papas
Forever Autumn – Justin Hayward
Golden Touch – Razorlight
How Soon Is Now? – The Smiths
I Predict a Riot – Kaiser Chiefs
Jacqueline – Franz Ferdinand
Lazy Line Painter Jane – Belle and Sebastian
No Surprises – Radiohead
Somebody To Love – Queen
Stumble and Fall – Razorlight
We Will Rock You – Queen
Welcome To The Machine – Pink Floyd

and finally, Paranoid Android has been remastered in sstteerreeoo

New Jim

Pink Floyd, ELO, Butthole Surfers, Muse, Pet Shop Boys, Dead Kennedys, The Killers, Keane, The Knack

Jim`s back, doing battle with the music thieves.

Today, he brings you:

– Pink Floyd`s Another Brick In The Wall
– ELO`s Mister Blue Sky
– The Butthole Surfers`s Bar-b-q Pope
– Muse`s Hysteria
– The Pet Shop Boys`s It`s A Sin
– The Dead Kennedys`s Moon Over Marin
– The Killers`s Smile Like You Mean It
– Keane`s Somewhere Only We Know
– The Knack`s My Sharona

..what a musical treat for your poor, weary ears!

The phat beatz are available from the music linky as usual. And remember – these songs were written and originally performed by Jim Branning.

Jimtastic Tuesday

Yes, Jim`s back, with Crowded House and Frank Zapper

Two more Jimsongs added:

– Don`t Dream It`s Over: shamelessly nicked by Crowded House
– Call Any Vegetable: robbed by beardy weirdy Frank Zapper

available from the super duper music linky

New Jim Songs

Can you even handle the excitement? Tenacious D, Crowded House, Thin Lizzy, Tim Buckley, and Harry Nilsson

Today, Jim brings you:

– Karate: nicked by Tenacious D
– Don`t Believe A Word: stolen by those 1970s rockers, Thin Lizzy
– Coconut: lyrics stolen by that bearded crazy man Harry Nilsson
– Sing A Song For You: stolen by the talent thief Tim Buckley
– Distant Sun: pilfered by Crowded House