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More Jim! What a treat for your ears

Jim performs Bowie, Morrissey, The Jam, and Kraftwerk

Yes, Jim`s been busy re-recording his classics that have shamelessly been stolen by today`s hit parade pop and roll stars. Today we have:

– The Man Who Sold The World: nicked by David Jones
– Radioactivity: plagiarised by Kraftwerk
– Heat Wave: stolen by lots of people
– The Boy Racer: shamelessly pilfered by S.P. Morrissey

Songs available from the music linky.

New Jim Songs

Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and Jack Lukeman

New songs! All available from the Jim section on the music page

– Ashes to Ashes (David Bowie)
– Nobody`s Fault But Mine (Led Zeppelin)
– When The Moon Is High (Jack Lukeman)

Lyrics have finally been added for:
– Beatles Medley
– For Tomorrow
– Generation Sex
– Libido (one day Chris Cattermole will perform this version live)
– Love Song
– Moonlight Shadow
– Slow Hands
– Tie Your Mother Down