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Blitzing Your Facebook Profile – The Easy Way

I recently wanted to delete most of my stuff from Facebook, primarily because I never know when their privacy policy will change or another security hole will be found.  I don`t put much on there, but nevertheless I don`t want

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That r-syncing Feeling – Part II

Using the DeltaCopy Server to Keep The Drives In Sync – Using Deltas! Once again, being not very happy with the previous not-quite-right way of doing things, I had a little poke, a nudge, and a further poke at DeltaCopy

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That r-syncing Feeling

Backing Up Local USB Drive to Network Drive Using Windows and Stinky Batch Files Well, after much arsing around, I finally found a half-way useful method to backup my plethora of rubbish to/from the Lacie NetworkSpace.  This really bugged me,

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Lacie NetworkSpace Backup is a Waste of Space

Around September 2008 I purchased a Lacie NetworkSpace 1TB hard disk, a nice little number with built in Ethernet so it could be tucked away where the sun don`t shine and keep all my files nice and safe whilst I

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