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Blitzing Your Facebook Profile – The Easy Way

I recently wanted to delete most of my stuff from Facebook, primarily because I never know when their privacy policy will change or another security hole will be found.  I don`t put much on there, but nevertheless I don`t want it all over the planet.

I decided to look around for a quick way of doing this, short of deleting the account, but nothing seemed to be foolproof.
Until I stumbled across a Firefox plugin I hadn`t used in years, iMacros for Firefox.

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They Might Be Giants – Here Comes The Education

My sister and I are big fans of They Might Be Giants.  I`ve been a fan since I was probably 12 or 13 years old, which is a long, long time.  When I asked her if she fancied the “Here Come…” CDs for Christmas, she said they`d be too childish.  I`d heard a few of the songs online, and thought they were damn fine, so went ahead and found Here Come The 123s, Here Come The ABCs, and Here Comes Science in the dual CD / DVD combo and packed them neatly away.  When I say “neat”, I mean “wrapped up like a fish supper”.

On Christmas day, she put on the 123s DVD for the kids, and they were mesmerised.  So was I.  So I had to go and get them for myself.  Wonderful music, wonderful videos, and a little bit of education for the younger viewers.

On Tuesday night, I put on Here Come The 123s whilst the better half did a crossword.  “Oh, I`ll not be listening, I`ll be doing the crossword”, said she.  5 minutes in and she was glued to the screen.

Long may TMBG reign supreme in their very odd, colourful side of music.

HAVE ROY G. BIV. courtesy of YouTube.

Never Gonna Give It Up

Rick Astley For UK Christmas Number 1?

Blimey – another webolg entry this year? It must be a very bad sign.

Anyway, after the finishing of the 2008 X Factor* it appears that the internet mobs have been invoked in an attempt to ensure Alexandra or whatever her name is (sorry – I watch one episode per year, the episode with the biggest wasters in the country attempting to dazzle Simon Cowell and his ever escalating waistline with their dreadful renditions of popular music) doesn`t make it to number 1 in the UK hit parade. They are attempting to Rickroll Mister Astley`s awful 1987 dirge to the top spot.

The who/what/where/why/when can be found on the ultimate Rickroll site.

Question is – is one shite song any less shite than another shite song? Something to ponder on as you get trapped in your local high street by hordes of short-tempered Christmas shoppers. Also, has Rickrolling finally jumped the shark?

Either way, it could be interesting to see what happens with Mister Rick Ghastly and his cyberknaves.

Some possible meanings of the X:
X: Exhausting – a show in which contestants run up and down a treadmill until their hearts give up; first contestant to die wins

X: Extra shite – contestants drink 2 pints of laxative; first contestant to have achieved empty bowels (verified by NON-DR Gillian McKeith) wins

X: XXXXL waistline – a poorly executed poke at Simon Cowell

X: eggs – contestants (including the men) must provide eggs for the purposes of fertility research; men score twice as many points as women, the winner must produce PI number of eggs

X: vote none of the above – go about your business and ignore the show and whatever the BBC happens to cobble together in an equally banal fashion as a competitor

Giovanni and Sebastian`s Greatest Hits! Grab it while you can!

Albanian folk music at its absolute best

The mental Giovanni, charming Sebastian, and midgetty Tattoo continue their heroic quest of bringing Albanian folk music to the masses.

Giovanni and Sebastian

Redirecty linky linky to the good stuff is here

Warning: contains huge quantities of amusement and the `c` word.

Slipped into site updates, as I hadn`t bothered creating a blog category for Albanian music.

Sometimes I love the web

A rave for a change! The best moment of Eurovision 2002 – Greece`s entry

A big woo to Finland for winning Eurovision last night. Best entry by far. And never let it be said that Daz Sampson looks like Ian Huntley. Anyway, here`s a link to Greece`s 2002 entry. Absolutely brilliant. Only thing missing is Terry Wogan`s commentary, something oh “oh my goodness, it`s the Borg”.

Eejits at their very best.

How very queer

You don`t half get some weird stuff sent

Here`s an e-mail I received via the web site:

“Hello there, we are writing to you to express our delight at the sweet shop thing.

First, you should know that we are pretty awesome. Secondly, one of us has met Gary Barlow. Thirdly, we just bought some clothes over the internet. We can’t afford them. We used our overdrafts. Fourthly, there are a surpisrising amount of calories in bread so we try not to eat it but we do enjoy feeding our housemate with it. She lives under the stairs. And we are students with lots of spare time to enjoy your donkey porn. We suggest “dinkey porn” instead. Maybe involving gnomes? Or some tiny pixies or maybe scottish kelpies?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.”

How very queer indeed. Still, they`ve met Gary Barlow, so all is not lost. Anyone care to explain what a kelpie/kelpy is?

What people think about the site

I don`t normally look at the web server logs, but I had to laugh

The best thing about server logs is that you can see who`s linking in. I plan to update this post with some of the stuff people have said about the site. Comments like these make it all worth while!

"On another note for some reason I accidently burnt your Beatles medley onto a cd recently.
I think it’s the worst song ever and I’ve seen the Fall live!" – Jim`s Beatles medley

" There is something disturbing about that" – the Donkey Porn Flash movie

"what is even more disgusting is […..] Pity they dont use their Flash skills for something useful and pleasant" – the Linda McCartney tribute