How very queer

You don`t half get some weird stuff sent

Here`s an e-mail I received via the web site:

“Hello there, we are writing to you to express our delight at the sweet shop thing.

First, you should know that we are pretty awesome. Secondly, one of us has met Gary Barlow. Thirdly, we just bought some clothes over the internet. We can’t afford them. We used our overdrafts. Fourthly, there are a surpisrising amount of calories in bread so we try not to eat it but we do enjoy feeding our housemate with it. She lives under the stairs. And we are students with lots of spare time to enjoy your donkey porn. We suggest “dinkey porn” instead. Maybe involving gnomes? Or some tiny pixies or maybe scottish kelpies?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.”

How very queer indeed. Still, they`ve met Gary Barlow, so all is not lost. Anyone care to explain what a kelpie/kelpy is?

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