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Something nice on the way

Thank you to everyone who has e-mailed a picture over the past few weeks. Rest assured I haven`t been ignoring them!

I`m working on an automated submission page where you`ll be able to upload your own pictures, without bothering with e-mail. Once a picture has been submitted, I`ll check for new ones and hit a button and they`ll be live on the site, speeding things up a lot.

Why? Why?

Initially the project was something I came up with in the early hours after too much beer, and I didn`t expect so many of you lovely people to send in pictures. At the minute I have to save the pictures off from e-mail, and then go and edit some files by hand – it`s not difficult but it takes a while, which is why pictures might not appear for days or even weeks (I`ll not mention months…).

I now have a database containing all the Smiths and Morrissey albums, and all the tracks, including a few albums that weren`t on the site before. None of this is live yet of course. I have to write the submission forms, test them thoroughly and then we`re cooking on a cooker!

This update will be part of a larger overhaul of the entire site, so will probably be a few weeks away. In the meantime, please continue e-mailing as I`ll add the pictures to the new database.

Watch this space…

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