PS3 Fun and (No) Games

Oh Sony. Oh Treyarch. Oh Crikey.

The Sony Playstation Network has been shut down over the past few days, and the official word (so far) from Sony is that some kind of intrusion had taken place.  This is a bit annoying, but  better that they sort out whatever shit is occurring and keep the service up and running.

The land of Tweeter has, as you could predict yourself, turned into a slanging match with X-Box users, and people with more money than sense saying they`ll move to X-Box.  At ~£150 for a console, then subscription to X-Box Live, plus games.. good luck to you.

My Beef(tm) is more with the way the whole thing is set up.  Mainly the fact that with PSN being down, you can`t do jack shit on the Playstation 3 apart from single player games.  Sure, you can use the incredibly awful browser, but services like online gaming, LoveFilm, etc. are all down until the issue is sorted out.  I`m now glad I didn`t subscribe to LoveFilm to watch the occasional movie on a whim.

Below is a great example of how “WTF” the whole PS3 world has become.  I`ve been playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops for a bit, and made a little playercard icon.  This consisted of

  • A few “water drop”s
  • An exclamation mark
  • A couple of “recycling” icons

I`d fashioned them into a comedy cock.  Oh how we laughed – making a cock shape out of little symbols.

Someone thought this was outrageously offensive, so Treyarch, the Black Ops arseholes, then destroyed my (“hard”) work – see what I did there? – and blocked me from updating my little playercard for 2 weeks.



The interesting thing about Black Ops is:-

  • It`s rated 18+; do adults get offended by comedy cocks these days?
  • There are a lot of <18 year olds playing it; this is less important than the offensive nature of a comedy cock
  • I regularly see swaztika emblems on player cards
  • I regular see “IRA” emblems on player cards

Do I complain?  No, I mutter “wankers” at the TV.

Treyarch, you are dicks.  Sony – best of luck cleaning up the mess over whatever has happened to PSN.

Given Sony`s couldn`t-care-less attitude to their customers over the past several years, I think this may be my last Sony purchase.  It`s certainly my (first and) last Treyarch purchase.

For reference, and added offence, I`ve tried to quickly re-create the item in question.  Children look away before seeing such vile wicked tricks.

seriously Treyarch - is this the most offensive thing you can find?

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