Server upgrade

Woo! All nice and shiny

The nuke-age of the server and installation of Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog took a bit longer than expected. This was mainly due to some kind of locale configuration problem; the installation scripts started going bananas when they encountered unicode nasties, causing the installer to cry with “corrupt tarball” messages even though they were verified by the installer. Meh to that, otherwise the site would have been live again at around 11pm last night!

Anyway, finally got the bugger going quite nicely, and it seems a bit more responsive than SUSE 9.2, so it`s all good.

Next up is a bit of a site redesign (which I`ve yet to start) to try to make the place look a bit less crap.

Update: expect a little bit of flake throughout the day as I need to tweak the box a little, and set up the virtual hosts, etc. You love it.

Update 2: whoops.. forgot to set up the RSS feed; now fixed again. Need to get CVS running again so I can version control the web site code before hacking it to bits again.

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