TacheBack 2007!

Growing a Moustache Is Not Fun!

After much hmming and haaing and general persuasion from a couple of people, I`ve been talked into growing a moustache and trying to get a bit of sponsorship in aid of the Everyman cancer charity. The aim is to raise as much money as possible by growing a rubbish moustache for the month of September.

I hope to hack together a little bit of script soon that will pull down the recent images and donations, so they`ll appear here. In the meantime, please chuck a couple of quid if you can at the just giving tacheback page!

Photos have been thrown together on flickr

Apologies for lack of updates on the site for a good 9 months really! Talk about life getting in the way of wasting time! Hopefully over the next few weeks and months new stuff will start appearing! Expect some extra spammage of TacheBack to appear throughout the site until the end of September too!

You can also partake in the TacheWars and pick your favourite facial fashions!

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