Tacheback 2008!

Can it really be a year?

It`s now the end of August 2008, showing how little I`ve done on the site in the last year – time, time, time, and not a lot of it going spare.

I`m due to leave my current job at the end of September, which is pretty bad timing as I`ll be starting Tacheback 2008 in a couple of days! I hope having a shit moustache won`t affect my employment prospects!

As an aside, I recently got back from my first trip to Finland, after a week in Helsinki. Really nice place! However, don`t, don`t, don`t even think of staying in the Eurohostel there, or as I oh-so amusingly renamed it, EuroHOSTILE. What a bloody disaster that place was! We should have shown them the images presented to us whilst booking.. they were a little more pleasant than the prison cell we actually stayed in. And to top things off, the downstairs bar area had exactly one CD. One CD. Sugababes. Greatest Hits. Playing all day long. I`ve never eaten Corn Flakes so quickly.

Annnyyway! Tacheback will begin on Monday, so expect the usual photos on Flickr again, and please, if you have a few quid burning a hole in your pocket, chuck them at a worthy cause!

You can sponsor me on my little Tacheback page thingie. Mucho thankso!

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