Soft Rock Love Song

Soft Rock Love Song – From Limahl to His Roadie, Dirk Grunthorpe-Ellis

Ooooh baby! Yeah honey!

We met in the summer of 1976
Shortly after Jeff Wayne released his fantastic musical version of War Of The Worlds
And we made love oh yessssss

Then came 1980s
We loved Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits
And I knew that something was wrong
Because you started liking T`Pau
And I preferred Heart

And we made sweet love
I grew a mullet to please you
And wore bleached denim
Stone Wash
With ripped knees
Just for you baby

And then came Bryan Adams
And on-armed-drummer-equipped Def Leppard
I could never tell the difference
And you were into Van Halen

But now we`re so much older
And you`re still into Meatloaf
But I`d rather have my Bryan Adams
And Tina Turner
I bet you`d like to be “Alone” with Heart

We made love
Sweet sweet love
With your oven glove
And some cloves of garlic
We made love, oh yeah

But now I`ve found a girl who`s into ex-Marillion singer Fish
With classics such as “Kayleigh” and others I can`t remember
So you can keep your Bon Jovi
You were a rubbish shag anyway

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