Woo! Windows OneCare on Sale In USA!

… don`t care, more like

Class in a glass. Microsoft releases its superly duperly awaited OneCare “protection and maintenance service” shortly.

Clicking through the OneCare web site to order the software, you`ll understand the type of people they hope to fleece out of a few bob.

“In order to complete installation of Windows Live OneCare, you must be running Internet Explorer 6 or later as your Web browser. Please switch to Internet Explorer and then restart Setup by typing http://www.windowsonecare.com/purchase into the browser address field.”


Not a chance, my fine furry friends at Microsoft. I`ll stick with Firefox and apt-get.

So not only do they produce shite software that`s falling apart at the seams, but they want to charge you for any fixes they produce. On top of that, they`re too bloody lazy to even hyperlink the URL! Microsoft, you`ve lost the plot now. It`s like buying a car – well buying a piece of shit banger; an old Austin Allegro, for example – and having to rent brakes because you know at some point things are going to go pear shaped. I really shows contempt for users of their operating systems that they can get away with providing shit, with the shovel coming at extra cost. Problem is, they dug themselves into such a big hole, they can`t give the software away without getting a bollocking for preventing competition. Nice.

Notice how I`ve bothered linking to their site. That`ll be a fifty dollar rental fee for the use of the hyperlink, please thank you, you like bag? Also notice a subliminal plug in the image for Giovanni and Sebastian. In every shite weblog post, a little gem.

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